newlife billnsaul

London and Marvin regularly meet for coffee, discussing the cares of the day and observing other coffeeshop patrons. at the end of each meeting, they make a wish at a fountain. They’ve done this for years. But lately, something is changing. A co-worker is found dead, a young man enters their life, and their reality comes strangely unhinged.

And a singing hamster is involved.
zuulall photos by Yolanda Suarez.

an edited scene from wish.‘s world premiere.
shot & cut by Jeremy Holloway

Wish. is nightmarish yet funny, a disturbing funhouse ride where parallel universes collide like bumper cars.” – Holly Johnson, The Oregonian.

world premiere at defunkt theatre, fall 2008 with the following cast:

London/Devon : Kat Yeary
Marvin/Bill : Zero Feeney
Daniel/Saul : David Bellis-Squires
Linda/Head/Darlene/Zuul : Lisamarie Harrison

directed by Danika Stochosky.

the script was developed in part through workshops with the cast.

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