Robin Hood

you know the man and you know the drill!

It’s Robin Hood!

Coming to the Northwest Children’s Theater and School April 22!

Get ready for justice Sherwood Forest-style as the original outlaw Robin Hood and his merry men steal from the rich and give to the poor.

In this version of the classic tale, a young child is found in Sherwood Forest by Robin and his Merry Band. Meanwhile, King Richard is away and his brother, Prince John, is letting his temporary reign get to his head, instituting all new taxes: a brass tax, and even a thumb tax. Aided by the diabolically evil Sheriff of Nottingham, and the not-all-there Sir Guy, it’s not too long before his path crosses with Robin Hood and the Merry Band!

This version of Robin Hood is a kid-friendly barrage of jokes and adventures, highlighting the dashing, playful version of Robin Hood and his clever band of friends.

“The traditional story of Robin Hood takes on a fresh flavor in this hilarious new version…This one’s a hoot for kids and adults alike.” – Holly Johnson, The Oregonian

Premiered at the Northwest Children’s Theater on January 28, 2011 under the direction of Sarah Jane Hardy.

For information on the creation of the play, please see the Robin Hood posts on the writing blog.

Robin Hood was commissioned by the Northwest Children’s Theater and School.

photos by David Kinder (

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