Rapunzel : Uncut!

when a couple make an unwise deal with the local Crone, their first-born, named after the leafy green rapunzel growing in the Crone’s garden, is turned over to the Crone for her own. fearing her adventurous spirit, the Crone locks her up in a 40-foot tower, which isn’t half the impediment she wishes it was. the Crone finds out she’s been seeing young Werther, who has been climbing up Rapunzel’s hair, the Crone banishes Rapunzel to the desert and blinds Werther. Rapunzel’s alone in a new world, struggling to get back to the only one who seems to value who she is.

with a band of magic vegetables, a talking cactus and a live band onstage, this Rapunzel is simultaneously faithful to the Grimm’s tale, and marks new territory all her own.

script by me.
music by Richard E. Moore.

here’s a video preview of the band from the Northwest Children Theatre’s world premiere production:

to purchase the original cast recording, visit here.

for more information about the World Premiere, visit NWCT’s site.

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