in this bleak comedy, three friends escape the pressure of their lives and run away to the woods outside Talent, Oregon. there, they find a deserted cabin and signs that the occupants have left for two weeks. as they prepare to settle in, the housesitter arrives. as they fight over who has rights to the house, their newly secured sanctuary is thrown off course.

“It has the brash, cold, clanging quality of metal smashing against metal.” – Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian.

“Moore is clearly inspired by and borrowing from many of the great surrealists…but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t created something entirely new and original.” – Justin Sanders, Portland Mercury.

cart premiered at defunkt theatre in 2003 with the following cast:

Danna : Grace Carter
Macy : Peter Buonincontro
Rick : Rollin Carlson
George : Paul Susi
Officer Fitts : Frances Binder

directed by the playwright.

the creation of the script was supported in part by a residency at Caldera Arts.
the production was supported by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

a script sample can be perused here.

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