Full of Stars

space construction

from 2001, dir. Stanley Kubrick

i tire of the sun
it’s always in sight
and its brilliance is taking its toll

the stars all around
shine ever so bright
and i’m tired of seeing them all

the rings of Saturn
are epic and grand
but once you partake, so what?

a comet streaks by
the fourth one today
have they nothing else better to do?

i do

i’m building a pub at the end
of the universe
and no one is ever invited
the drinks are thin
and prices are dire
the jukebox plays only the Eagles
our peanuts are stale
the urinals cloudy
and space rats run shuffleboard rackets

i’ll lock all the doors,
and draw every shade,
and on repeat, play Take It Easy.
i’ll maw through some nuts,
wash ’em down with Buds Light,

while i take pointers from space rats on how to handle my cues,
and pray to Cassiopeia that no one comes knocking.

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