in apparati

four prisoners are held under mysterious circumstances in a facility that promises to benefit the security of those on the outside. as they plan their escape, who is being held captive becomes less and less clear. this is a full-length play based loosely on elements from the Flaming Lips album Zaireeka and not-so-loosely on a society that will do anything to make itself feel safe.

(l to r) Matthew Kern, Zero Feeney, JR Wickman, Patrick Wohlmut, Amaya Villazan & Frances Binder

Gonden (JR Wickman) learns the ropes from Vaughn (Patrick Wohlmut)

a surreal, dream-influenced look at just what we’ll do to ensure our security, in apparati was called “a complex allegory that raises big questions about self-determination, faith, and free will” (Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury).

Matthew Kern, Zero Feeney, Amaya Villazan and Frances Binder as 0002, 0003, 0004 & 0001, respectively

Binder, Kern, Feeney & Villazan work some things out.

(stills taken from video by Karl Lind)
in apparati had its world premiere at defunkt theatre in spring 2007 with the following cast:

0001 : Frances Binder
0002 : Matthew Kern
0003 : Zero Feeney
0004 : Amaya Villazan
Gonden : JR Wickman
Vaughn : Patrick Wohlmut
Tyler : Lava Alapai
directed by Grace Carter.

the creation of the script was supported in part by a residency at Caldera Arts.
the production was supported by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

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