these in-between chairs

we really believe
believe it’s going
to get back probably
go back to all these empty
these in-between chairs

mother probably
surprised the whole world
could have stopped
been stopped in place
it’s too bad
it’s too bad

nobody has ever done it
somebody was on one
long before anybody else
was even thinking

like as fast as we can
you know what that means
by its nature
things in times
and, I mean, fast

they had no hope
a game changer
and maybe not.
and maybe not.
but it could be
based on
a game for other things
totally unrelated things

if things don’t go as planned
it’s not going to kill anybody

we didn’t know this
was going to be the playlist
what happened here
wherever you are

so many things are happening
a very exciting time
nobody has ever seen
anything like this

i’m finished

– all text taken from President Trump at the coronavirus task force press conference 19 March 2020.

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1 Response to these in-between chairs

  1. quillfyre says:

    You’ve captured perfectly the essene of those press conferences and the connection/disconnection of a Trump communique… I think you might have the beginning of at least a chapbook,here, James. And NaPoWriMo is just around the corner…

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