Tiffany’s Second Album

the second album by Tiffany is called
Hold an Old Friend’s Hand
i know this because i bought it for the girlfriend
but on the day i was to give it,
the girlfriend broke up with me
and now i own Tiffany’s second album

on a break from our junior high band trip
               (we did not sit together
               on the bus; i should
               have known then
               we’d never make it)
at a mall in Caldwell, Idaho,
we bought a necklace at Claire’s,
a heart-shaped charm with
a key-shaped removable piece.
she wore the heart.
i had the key.

the girlfriend and i had bonded over
the first album by Tiffany, which is called
i know this because the girlfriend copied
the tape for me.
was that breaking the law?
did we care?
               no. no we did not.
we were young and carefree and
laws were meant for breaking.

the day after she broke up with me
i attached a piece of paper to my key
and wrote, in my dreamy eighth grade handwriting,
“looks like the lock is broken.”
i broke into her locker and left it for her.

The heart forgives
The heart forgets
But what will I do now
– Tiffany

– based off a prompt from Two Sylvias Press
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