I Got A Cold

I Got A Cold p105_opt.jpg
I got a cold
     stubbled wreck
     leading away
     hunched tics sizzling
I got a cold
     a can of peas, scratching
     edges of a scab like a horseshoe
     thumbnail sketch of an actual shouting crab
I got a cold
     delicately scratched
     a stranger in the aisle
     the victim on the head
     group therapy
     my memory moat
     the underwater corner grocery store
     in my subdued eyes

all words, including title, from page 105 of Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. poem #94 of the First 100 Days series, and poem #23 for National Poetry Month.
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2 Responses to I Got A Cold

  1. J. McGee says:

    What’s yer cold got to do with me?

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