a question

a question p77_opt.jpg

all words, except title, from page 77* of Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. poem #70 of the First 100 Days series.
* my copy of Shutter Island is missing a couple of pages (hence the skip from 74 to 77).
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2 Responses to a question

  1. Jo Brown says:

    I like these, they’re clever. Do the words inspire a poem, or do you find the words that say what you wanted to say?

    • Thank you. I appreciate that comment and question. It’s sort of a mix. i approach a page with an idea of what’s happened that day, and then let the words on the page inspire what i’ll say. As a result, i’ve been far blunter than i would in my own non-found poems. i had not intended for this project to be as politically-minded as it has been, but the text has so many parallels, i just couldn’t/can’t say no.

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