regretted, informed

Jaws in motion
upside downR
the invisible man
bat in flight
flattened lobster
charred remains
baby lizard
cat in a windtunnel
giraffe peaking over the fence
bear print
feathers left behind on the window
the bird flew intopizzaplate.jpg

i finished reading Winston Plowes’ latest, Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish at Donny’s Pizza in Winooski. Plowes’ book is an exercise in poetic pareidolia – finding images in random places (specifically drink residue or bubbles or foam). when i finished my pizza, the grease and sauce stains just begged for me to play. thankfully, Plowes includes a how-to guide in the back of his book. (bonus points: after finishing jotting down my visions, i found myself being stared at by a confused patron). this one is for you, Winston. all others: buy this book.
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