F is for dying (Day 30)

where X is moon of wonder opening
for desire, grief gone in ringing fingers
my fine, fiery need for horizons
i word                    i rhymes
i word                    i rhymes
i i drop denim hope Here in eyes
shy in honeyed openings,
my now in spring shimmering
error. redo.
i wish no sinew sponging
syringes, she sings; siren, she sings;
my frog grinning red green,
i needed one or needed somewhere or someone more me.
for now, wonder how we d (if we d)
end sighing
fez s in dry row dying
here deep inside ring ing
preferred finger, fiery on in side
of of of
he, on somehow, odd;
she offers, i nod so we (so me) gone;
needs no response
she she she s showy,
he show s memory,
me home:
INXS, word deferred
we re dying
we see fingers from memories gone
of s s song we sing
when is finished
high gone horizons of hope s
where no one s
where in misery
where poison
of words here in
s finished
end of form.
one dimension.
free finish.


prompt: this final prompt is from the ever inventive Douglas Luman, who directs us to his terrific Applied Poetics site to make a poem using letters that correspond with a phone number of importance to us. (check the prompt; he explains it better than i can).

notes on a prompt: i selected the phone number i had as a child (it was a landline, youngsters)…before i realized that i hadn’t chosen a source text. in a bit of a panic, i decided to try the text of all poems i wrote this month – in order from most recent to oldest. i used the words in that order as selected by Mr. Luman’s lovely machine. i chose to keep some of the repetition that occurred, as well as some of the word fragments. it seemed like a fitting end to a month of prompts.
sources: 29 poems from some dude’s website. National Poetry Month. 2016.
the title comes from the same phone number tool applied to the titles of all 29 preceding poems.
special thanks: to Found Poetry Review (Jenni B. Baker, Beth Ayer, and Douglas Luman) – you help me write. lots. and to any and all of you who read, liked, commented, and/or followed. i hope our digital paths cross again.

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