Crime Scene Investigation (Day 29)

gamma-rays around the blazar
make the inactive days
(at the same time) likely,
the most unsociable and least understood
extragalactic objects
where light cannot easily escape,
the first found flux of dental X-rays
nicknamed for the most extreme
characters on “Sesame Street” –
an explosion, a suspect,
a compact and bright core,
flaring relativistic pions or particles in
the right place, at
the right time
Big Bird is our prime suspect,
but Ice Cube is about to record a full moon –
a moment of wonder and awe,
a slowly opening window onto
the vital, but unknown.


Big Bird & CJ from The West Wing (borrowed from the questionably named

prompt: a prompt from the fabulous Beth Ayer who asks that we write a poem using “a text that is inexplicable to you.” as i am a teacher, and as our focus this year has been on having a flexible mindset, i found it hard to accept a text as inexplicable, but, in the name of poetry, i will NOT close read!
source: Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, JMU. “Possible extragalactic source of high-energy neutrinos.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 28 April 2016. Accessed 29 April 2016.
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