brambles and gratitude (Day 28)

brambles and gratitude
each expression a blessing
a fixed companion
every benevolent exertion
for a body
for a birth
each desire a grief
each affection a gone glory
days as cottages for fair caresses
animated frontiers for exotic creatures
a distinction by apparition
an effectual good beyond all fondness
brambles and gratitude


prompt: from a terrific prompt that asks us to pull words that start with letters that could be musical notes, create the poem, and then create the music using the first letters for notes and syllable counts for note length. it’s a pretty enthralling process that i wish i could spend more time with – both the poem and the music. this is another prompt i could come back to and really have fun with.

source: i worked with the first chapter of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. i had hoped to work with more, but i simply ran out of time. the right hand is playing the notes that correspond to the words in the poem. the left hand is playing the musical note values in “Mary Shelley” (a e e). (it occasionally plays a descending line, too; i’ll leave that to you to figure out why that might be). i did use a “percussion organ” because i tired of the suggested piano sound.

special thanks: to Doug Luman’s excellent Applied Poetics site. it makes experimenting with poetry that much more accessible and fun. i could spend all day there. and you should too!

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