hum (Day 27)

quote i torrents and
rain of torrents through
and standing see him
speak you, if him speak
saw nobody quote i
very core drenched and through soaked
i quote throughout stands
and hurt got unseen teeth
through hum mouth closed
of deaf ring tone sound
stagger waltz drunken reel you low

speak love, speak you
if still be still i quote
still harsh and ears in false ringing language
unknown fingers these from slide others
but letters pelt and rain down torrent reel
you, me, see
stagger waltz drunken and stumble

in walks you
and hurt
gets nobody


prompt: from one of a series of prompts by the great Greg Santos. this prompt asked that a poet take an earlier draft of a poem and reverse the order of it. this is a poem of mine from nearly 20 years ago: October 23, 1996. i really liked this poem because of its rhythm; i was pleasantly surprised that there is still a kind of rhythm here, too.
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