Curve (Day 25)

Why we remove the moist morning:
I do, I try, I—or, well, pass.
Oh all my turn, a time aubergine,
And code, he out did not cash:

Pan dimes long from under mice knew,
Vowed of really long life frowned,
My soon harem laugh foreign clue,
I guessed not and with them not loud.

My hen fellow candidate’s good,
And rock in canyon’s hell is down,
And while permissions long for ruin,
I widen from your skateboard’s glower.


prompt: from a prompt by the one and only Nancy Chen Long (her work is lovely) – asking us to listen to a poem in a language not spoken by us, and try to “homophonically interpret” the work – using words that sound as close as we can get to the original.

notes on the prompt: as soon as i read the prompt, i knew i wanted to listen to the Welsh language – and here it is!

source: “Rhyfel” by Ellis Evans (Hedd Wynn) accessed here on 4/25/2016.

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