How Not to be Seen (Day 21)

AKA “Confusing my Cat” or “Not My Warhol”


prompt: from Derek Beaulieu’s prompt, which invites artists to create a digital sound performance of one of his #erasingWarhol pages (which erases everything except punctuation and sound from a: a novel.

notes on the prompt: as i was scrolling through @erasingWarhol’s feed, my eye was caught by page 170, mostly due to the presence of “music” and “voices” – which, for some reason, made me think of Monty Python. i decided to roll with it. i assigned a different sound cue to each punctuation mark (as listed below) and played them in order, according to each mark:
period – “none shall pass”
comma – “argh”
question mark – “tell me, sir: have you confused your cat lately?”
em dash – “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition”
open parenthesis – “fetchez la vache”
closed parenthesis – “moo”
colon – “i wish to register a complaint”
pause – “say no more”
white space – “how not to be seen”
Music – Monty Python’s theme
i interpreted sound however i saw fit.

i only used half of this poem – i figured 80 seconds is just about as long as we wanna hear the same Monty Python clips again and again…i stopped at “Long Pause.”

all sounds liberally borrowed from

i included my dear sweet Agatha because she’s adorable, obviously, but also because i can’t post sound here without video. and i did, in fact, confuse my cat.

title: still not sure which title i like best. i do enjoy that “Not My Warhol” is an anagram for “Monty Warhol.”

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