Cask Nest (Day 19)

wet knees guess utter harm
hanky empty, together anyway
clothes on, papering golf balls
other haunts spackling
lithium kid cranked below mother’s own sinew movers
black sacrament slunk under chinzy beards
death sponging sickle velvet tomes
head vein tough, hot.

prompt: from Michael Leong’s prompt which pushes poets to experimentally translate another person’s poem – in whatever way we’d like.
sources: Carver, Raymond. “What I Can Do.” Ultramarine. New York: Random House, 1986. 63. Print.
notes on the prompt: based on what i read in Leong’s prompt, and with the word puzzle nerd in me, i decided to look at the starts and ends of each word in a poem and see what new words i can make from certain combinations of letters (whether it was what was obviously there (like how “loved ones” contains the word “done”), or what would be there if i added a letter or two (so “outside my” becomes “denim”), or if i made an anagram out of the letters, or used a word that sounded like the pieces together, or…. i transcribed the entire poem like this, and then i selected key phrases and kept cutting cutting cutting. i tend to let my poems ramble, and my intent with this one was to get to the point and get out of the way. here is my initial transcription (line breaks are where periods were in Carver’s original text):

allow two yes toke pan neigh eon south denim meow doubt
whet hep knees guess some mile done scan treats chow tan utter harm moan enemy
vet menthol hew las sundry
a-1 there rough fit
hanky empty got together any way
snow which tear art til now butte arch blue want ask it
other heart writ delight Taipei four language, know four clothes on
north sun inimitable how heartens stone slice feather ruin seek papering golf balls
mime other haunts total tomato
store dime eager now wit spackling
lithium kid cranked din inner harms
taught below mothers own
sheen same met toupe forth sinew movers
delight tulip black sacrament forth went thyme
every body slunk cask nest
lacks strobe aloud toast forum elongate
sing gambit tithes teed jeeper graven meal tonight
under chinzy beards
whodunit task wrath exceptional new ether
name tile half top lunge half nine entry toss two straight among
tithe need zenith beards knob girth ante splurge hint ranges sought death hewing
sud only haste sponging gain detour near reads
sickle rave velvet tomes sing
head vein tough hot

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