Unexpected Sound Tracks of Metal (Day 17)

unexpected_optthree birds,
very cute line,
which is painful,
because my heart is consumed
by a policeman,
who briefly called for raising the big Spirit
language is a peaceful act of God,
miles of sand snow combustion
here to stay,
a man chasing horizons
when the girl does not like the world,
and the frog condemns the Scriptures.
I blew into my heart,
(which is wrong)
a red-orange
green reality
I tune


prompt: from Jeff Grifin’s prompt, which asks writers to highlight phrases/words/lines from a book of poetry, transcribe them into a document without punctuation, and then feed them through Google Translate at least five times before returning to English and editing/forming the results into a poem.

notes on the prompt: i fed my source text through Translate six times: from English to Spanish to Welsh to Somali to Indonesian to Chinese to Slovak. the prompt asked that we take punctuation out of the block of text to be translated; Google put punctuation back in and capitalized, which i mostly used. i did alter a couple of verb tenses and i used “which is wrong” from the Chinese translation instead of “what is wrong” from the Slovak. phrase i’m most disappointed to not include in its entirety: “his ass red-orange green.” ew.

source: Crane, Stephen. “The Black Riders and Other Lines.” War Is Kind, and Other Poems. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 1998. 1-26. Print.

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