The Baron & the Croc (Day 16)

baron and the croc
Constellation: Baron Munchausen 46 (commonly known as “The Baron & the Croc”)


prompt: from Christian Bok who asked writers to:
1. Erase text from an “antiquary textbook on astronomy,” leaving only punctuation marks.
2. Assign symbols for each mark, and adjust size of symbol based on how many letters made up the word preceding the symbol. (i made mine the size of twice the number of letters).
3. Change the background to black, and create a constellation.
source: surprisingly enough, i did not have an antiquary textbook on astronomy. i instead selected my oldest book, a copy of Gulliver’s Travels and Baron Munchausen from 1880.
Swift, Jonathan. Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World: In Four Parts. New York: J.W. Lovell, 1880. 46. Print.
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3 Responses to The Baron & the Croc (Day 16)

  1. Dragallur says:

    Nice picture 😉

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