i have failed (Day 15)

i’d like to pause at the halfway mark of this National Poetry Month
to apologize to those texts i have failed,
to those texts i could not commit to love:
The Catcher in the Rye – you were too self-obsessed for me
maybe if we’d met when i was younger
The Hours – i found you too similar to another book i love
why couldn’t you be your own self?
On the Road – i needed a text that would stay in one place
(or, i needed a text that goes somewhere if it goes somewhere)
The Color Purple – it was just that the time was wrong
i didn’t know what i wanted, and you were too much of everything
American Psycho – okay, this one wasn’t me, it was you
whether you’re joking or not, you are revolting
Everything is Illuminated – i wanted it to work, but it always seemed to be about the sex
or maybe i couldn’t be with someone more clever than me
for now, i’ll just remember holding you,
wondering how we’d gotten this far,
and if we’d make it to the end,
sighing, then turning another page


prompt: from Joel Katelnikoff’s prompt, which encouraged writers to commit ourselves to love a book we recently hated by re-reading it and selecting what we now love to incorporate into a poem.
notes on the prompt: you’ll note that’s not what i did. i simply could not find the time in one day to find a recently hated book (as they have a way of making it to Goodwill posthaste), then re-read it, and make a poem from it. i instead chose to apologize in a break-uppy way to texts i did not appreciate on a first read. i plan to approach this prompt at a later date (when it’s not the last school day of a crazy week before April break).
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2 Responses to i have failed (Day 15)

  1. I love what you did here

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