gem stones (Day 14)

build a floor down here
draft maple syrup walls of brunch for lunch
and rosemary potatoes this way in the world
like blue bluegrass – a beautiful place
where unicorns lop off arms,
arms make other worlds on easy,
unseen on hard flap fa-lap pummels
lockers, all white earbuds and the extended
zip of a back back pack wrappers on wrappers on opposite sides
but same screens small screens and gem stones:
may for the misheard punchline,
december for chickens in sunglasses,
february for russian monarchs, and
april for one little fruit fly (i want to kill it)
just one little fruit fly (i have to kill it).

he grabs for air
he grabs again

you can just reach in and
grab a potato you want a potato
just reach in if you want a potato


prompt: from Brian Oliu’s prompt, which encouraged writers to spend 20 minutes doing first hand research and then just write without any restraint. i chose my 20 minutes in one of the more fascinating places in my life: my middle school classroom at lunch time – a room of 6th and 7th graders. i wrote nothing while they talked and hung out – and i talked and hung out with them. as soon as they started to leave, i started typing. i cleaned up misspellings, added line breaks, and eliminated all instances of “dude.” that is all.
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