Forget Reality (Day 13)

the fez will forget
it’s the cobbled alleyways
of possibility and Burt Bacharach
in the dry, dusty air,
the vertiginous front-row parade,
as tight as inspiration in
a bioluminescent organism
imbued with orange blossoms and
pilgrimages beneath a veil,
the secret gelato of a David Lynch film set,
liquid heaven
elegance under the table
a family of elephants floating silently
while peacocks strut (kiss-kiss)
an utterly mahogany seclusion
without the twice-daily cocktail hours
the captain might unexpectedly drop,
hop, skip away,
the dying sun silently waves
to your bare toes
but no matter
the cool temperatures
surround you
all over


prompt: from Sennah Yee’s prompt, which had poets write a poem using material from travel sites. well, leave it to me to write with travel as a prompt, but only choose one site from which to write my whole poem.

source: Cariou, Patrick. “The 50 Most Romantic Places on Earth.” Travel + Leisure. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Apr. 2016.

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