a real problem (Day 12)

grandma had a hand in what’s happening
(and I’m Like a 10)
afraid, agitated, almost always alone
probably due to benchpress
and anything, please
my body:
bones, neck, chest, hand, breast, esophagus,
sternum, heart, lung, head, bottom
breathes august away, burning
my clear communicated complications,
confirmed – didn’t die –
even everyday congestion
even everytime migraines
consistent, constant,
as if a person cried for 10 years through life,
like arms around,
more muscles, most muscular
my nerves negate
the only other outbreak
praying for the paranoid part to
pass – sad, safe, scared –
probably a real problem.
so the sofa sometimes shakes,
it stops.
i can’t recommend the same.
tell grandma thank you
then Xray the years –
these thin things suspected that
thinking this thought
wasn’t the same as
watching the water.
they were right.
visit. please.


prompt: from Robert Fitterman’s prompt, which asks poets to create a poem from descriptions of how people are feeling specifically in their bodies. we were asked to find 20 different responses. i wasn’t sure where to start looking. i had thought to collect complaints from my middle school students, but strangely, my usually nurse-visiting students were ailment-free today. as a last resort, i thought of youtube comments sections – and was not disappointed. the text for this poem is all from a somewhat alphabetized version of the youtube comment section on a video about chest pain. thank you, youtube. since i took this from a video, i decided to make a video of the poem. or maybe i just wanted to show off my receding hairline.

source: comments on a video called “Chest Pain: What Is Causing It? — Dr Willie Ong Health Blog #22” (link).

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One Response to a real problem (Day 12)

  1. Misky says:

    Love, love, love LOVE it!

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