the mundane split (Day 11)

knots in a cord, a code
of what is not and what is sought
(the little one will not stop
the flow of complications)
every self-intoxication
stripped bare at a campfire near the conscience
trying to pass as profound
all the old, familiar places, dry
right here, deep inside your entire being ring
a stone wall
with brute virtue
a hardy vessel of past excesses
worlds for nothing else
(not really listening
tuned out
the blind spots add up
no matter what)
a boarded up doorway to what is preferred
(all is not patient)
a servant giving a woman a bath
finger on the budding impulse
sparkling on the convergence of worlds
a space for the unknown
your audience
your accompanist
your shadow
somewhat at the mercy of the subtle burnout
chaotically saturated in the fiery midst of itself
living on many brinks
chaotic, overwhelmed,
and overstimulated
in love
(with you, yourself)
, able to catch the spark
one side: harboring, staggering
another side: contorted
the minor key
inside and out:
the false structures,
the new birth:
outlook and inlook.


prompt: from Matt Trease’s prompt, which tasks us with aligning our astrological charts with corresponding degree symbols. it was entertaining to look at my chart again, which i hadn’t looked at since a friend created mine and was rather taken aback (though probably not surprised) by my fairly even split between two signs.

source: astrology chart by Astrodienst (
symbols by Elias Lonsdale (Inside Degrees) published in 1997 by North Atlantic Books.

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One Response to the mundane split (Day 11)

  1. vinita18 says:

    Quaint but utterly delightful!

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