Ridgelines (Day 9)

basket of muffins

gurus and swamis, yogis and prophets
had seen the experiments in free love
from disastrous families
with their amazing
           but undeniable sense of the power
he awoke
Folded, graceful
on the tiny porch
easy to forget
exploiters, frauds and crackpots,
using the jargon of the spirit
and vegans
somehow nestled in it
a basket of muffins
full of life
outside his motel room
deliciously easy
raided in the middle of
the odd contemporary
jargon of the spirit
disastrous families took
the graceful ridgeline
caught up in its
cotton puffs
as austerely beautiful as
sipping cof-
fee            red-tailed hawk
found it delicious
prompt: from Frank Monetsonti’s prompt, which asks us to highlight phrases in one color, and then create dialogue by highlighting responses in another color (and creating a choral effect by overlapping colors!) – or, as Montesonti says, to be more code-breaker than archaeologist.

source: Troup, Gary. Bad Twin. New York: Hyperion, 2006. 159. Print.

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5 Responses to Ridgelines (Day 9)

  1. Misky says:

    I love the way I can puzzle this together every which way, and it still makes for interesting reading.

  2. quillfyre says:

    Like this very much. I guess I thought we had to let stand what we didn’t use but did that on mine which made for a difficult read I thought. Would much rather blank out, as you did! Maybe I will go back!

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