just like (Day 7)

nowhere close to here
a call in the silence
my chicken struts out
like a dead anemone

all that I had:
sticky hair and twinkie-smelling snot,
a look of confusion.
(say hi,
let the time pass)

I know where to go –
the blank page stares up
but you discover it’s a hand
and it’s always been there

a one word thought
instead of brick and stone
and sometimes it rains,
dances, and flexes,
bounces, and bends

just like Jesse James,
just like the wind,
just like angels


Captureprompt: from a prompt by Simone Muench. this time, we were prompted to write a “cento that is a self-portrait, or anthology of your life, utilizing lines and fragments from your own work.” i decided to dig deep – every line here is from a poem written in my freshman and sophomore year of high school (1989-1990). each poem rhymes, and they range in subject matter from a faux-appreciation of the New Kids on the Block to the tale of a rich man who loses it all and ends up on the street. oh boy.
sources: poem titles include:
“Thinking of You” (8/11/89)
“I Need a Friend” (8/15/89)
“Time to Listen” (9/23/89)
“What is Love?” (10/1/89)
“Why?” (10/23/89)
“A Blank Page” (10/27/89)
“Suicide II” (12/24/89) (Merry Christmas!)
“The Prisoner (Heroin)” (1/13/90)
“The Twinkie Warrior” (1/25/89)
“Another Hot Summer Day” (4/15/90)
“My Chicken” (9/21/90)
“My Little Sharky” (9/22/90)
“The New Kids on the Block” (9/24/90)
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