old hat (day 5)


(high tide)
pulse across the sand
our silent beacon sweeping
feet tread plodding
on tamped down earth we cannot see
fingers trembling from the residue
granules cling, rolling, after all else dries
memories healing, remembrances calling:
old             hat
long           gone
languishing in the afterglow
ceaseless sounds soothing
hum of what we’ve left behind
revving up of what’s coming
there’s a song that we sing when everything is changing
there’s a place that we stay when everything is ready
old          (old)
hat          (hat)
high        (long)
tide         (gone)
winking petals twirl and flitter low
ordinary unseen forces pulling
gazes trailing far behind
to horizons kept just out of sight
to lies we hope are true
there’s the time that we have when nothing else matters
there’s the light that we share when nothing else matters
I Sometimes Don’t Know What I’m Doing And I Just Fake It.
I Sometimes Don’t Know What I’m Doing And Instead I Just Fake It.
I sometimes share a light when everything is changing
I sometimes seal myself inside when everything is changing
I Sometimes Don’t

prompt: from a prompt by Sarah Blake. this prompt was daunting – create a poem based on the moves of a dynamic song. to give this one its justice, i’d spend well more than an evening on it; however, this month being what it is, that’s all the time i’ve got! i started off by tracing the song (like Blake does in her post) and then tried to build to the shape of it. the end product doesn’t line up as nicely as i’d like – guess that’s something for the re-write.

source: “Ragtime” by Neko Case – from the album The Worse Things Get The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight The More I love You. (if you don’t know the song, go listen to it now). i tried to illustrate just the shape of the song – but ended up echoing a lot of phrasing too (and “residue” snuck in there!). when i go back to this one, i’d make it stand more on its own…

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One Response to old hat (day 5)

  1. vinita18 says:

    Not just your words, but the format of the poem resonate with the song you’ve chosen. Well done!

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