in order

in order to do it
in order to be free
in order to achieve the life I wanted
in order to gain the crown of eternal life
in order to deal with the untapped and dormant force
in order to survive as a human
in order to have a few drinks and to eat
in order to learn
in order to learn new attitudes
in order to save his life
in order to please his parents
in order to stay on top
in order to deny the fact of death
in order to deny the two others
in order to acquire a new roof for the schoolhouse
in order to support the moral contradictions
in order not to despise them
in order not to be bored
in order for this to happen
in order for this to happen
in order to change a situation
one has first to see
Source: Baldwin, James. The Fire Next Time. New York: Dell, 1962. Print.

Note: this is an also-ran for a prompt from the PoMoSco National Poetry Month initiative. the prompt asked us to find a syntactical relationship in a text. in this case, you’ve probably noticed that i used phrases that began with “in order.” i ended up cutting a couple of “in order for”s, but i kept the two you see here (which is repeated in the text) i really like how this turned out, but you’ll see my first choice, “all the,” over on the PoMoSco site.

i’ll post more prompt also-rans or practices here over the next few weeks.

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