only one & everyone

the alarm clock rung
  quietly rattling,
entirely wrong.
at the other side:
the only one

all, every
one of them,
would go mad
with pangs of conscience:
the danger of
the same demands

unfortunately, teeth
report everything accurately.
peace and wealth and comfort
left the milk as it was:
more suitable
 less sensitive
almost whispering
taking the furniture away
abandoning him to

only she:
  he really
ought to have expected
things to change,

but still,

you want


all words taken from Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” as suggested by a Found Poetry Review prompt. i first used Doug Luman’s tool to strip out every question from the text – i then went through and selected words and phrases from the text pretty much in the order it appears. some punctuation was added – random spaces were from the text as copy & pasted.

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