9:52 pm

native cities of occasion
(Nothing can be more safe)
the luxury of this purpose,
adapted for senses shocked
and dust, of course,
there is every expected brink:
You, yourself, and “One-ear” Mike hold
narrow-chested striplings in the open,
more dangerous than three of the Fuzzy Boys
doomed, deflected souls

nothing would prevent time
the curiosity below
shook, separated
afraid something had happened

a crusher.
grading, preparing, dressing, clearing, constructing, repairing, sprinkling:
a good necessary machine
all the advantage of
a single stroke steeple.
quivering through sunshine
vanishing under reason
too tired to listen
to the rumbling of heavy days,
and what was to come.

Are we not time?
our thoughts became sleep,
but we did wish

I had a corncake, some coffee, some sugar.
We made fire, got water,
were cheerfully alone
wherever proper

the various Obstructions
the Ice,
the Methods,
the evening
a favourable gale
which remained about us for

based on the Found Poetry Review’s prompt – creating a poem based on the Text Clock site.

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