the Cooper transcript

in a discussion thread late last night, a few Ouliposters were throwing amusing bits back and forth, when Jody Rich mentioned poems he’s written recently based on friends’ prompts – “Write a poem about the seven year lifespan of a sparrow, and include the phrase ‘Guess what, bitches’ and write about Twin Peaks.” these may have been three separate prompts, but i thought it would be fun to treat them as one prompt and make my own…

the Cooper transcript

the common sparrow lives only seven yearsKyle-MacLachlan-006
while there’s much flying in between
the larval stage and the dead stage
there are only seven years

you may not have known that sparrows
begin as larvae. they do; i’ve seen it. tiny
cocoons clinging to the underbelly of
of leaves on branches of birches

there’s nothing like watching a sparrow
nuzzle its way from its straw spun cocoon
probing beak punching holes,
sniffing the air of his new larger home

it pecks away at the thin walls, saying,
“Guess what, bitches? I’ve only
got seven years so pardon me
while I make the most of them”

when i stop to think about it,
i’ve almost lived six sparrow lives
i wonder sometimes if i’ve made
the most of mine. six times.

i apologize for using that b word.
i don’t like to use it, seems unfair.
no corresponding male word has a corresponding impact.
dicks. douchebags. nothing comes close.



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4 Responses to the Cooper transcript

  1. seingraham says:

    To Not that James Moore (which has a hilarity all its own) – I was so tempted to follow your lead here but after getting sucked into the whole Pagan Penguin thing (and I don’t even knit, so don’t even go there)…I decided to let it go. But, that notwithstanding, this gave me a few rich chortles…great way to relieve the tautness of the, well, you know.

  2. Nancy Chen Long says:

    This is great, James. So glad we’re all back together poetizing!

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