I Am the Maker of all sweetened possum

sweetened possumi am pleased, honored, flattered, overwhelmed to announce that my first book of found poetry has been published by the wonderful Silver Birch Press and is available for purchase here. “I Am the Maker of all sweetened possum” collects work made from Julia Peterkin’s Pulitzer Prize winning Scarlet Sister Mary. using exacto knives, markers, paints, cross-stitch, whiteout, and freakout, these poems are handmade creations, sculpted in Peterkin’s words, filtered through my messed up brain.

these poems were initially created during the Pulitzer Remix, Found Poetry Review’s National Poetry Month project in 2013.* a sort of madcap delirium and desire to find every which way to highlight and/or hide words resulted in visual experiments that i would not have imagined myself creating a year ago.

this collection also includes a thorough introduction that explores some of my processes and a couple of alternate remixes of poems – same source material/completely different poem. and i am really happy to have worked with Silver Birch, who insisted from the start the collection be published in full color. i [am completely biased but] think it’s a pretty beautiful collection.

i hope you enjoy it. i also hope that this sweetened possum leads more people to Peterkin’s thorny, wild novel. it’s well worth a read.

* their 2014 project is “Oulipost,” and i will be partaking in that madness as well. stay tuned here for more…
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