…and a haiku year…

as you avid readers will no doubt remember, i decided that i would write 365 haiku in 2013, one for each day. in all reality, i ended up writing well more than 365 as many days yielded multiple haiku possibilities. not all of them are good, but it’s something to look at a little book and know that it holds nearly 400 haiku…

the book that contains too many haiku

the book that contains too many haiku

so here’s a sampling of the home stretch:

we now walk sans limp
she sits, looks over her shoulder
when will i see you?
– 7/2/13

it’s an old, old trick.
give me the wrong name. three times.
fall for it each time.
 – 8/29/13

walk through history
past foundations, rust, graveyards –
ours winding through yours.
 – 9/29/13

Hitchcock Halloween
no knocks, no candy given
a perfect evening
 – 10/31/13

can not find my light
“there,” he says (and i should know)
“let’s take it back from…”
 – 11/13/13

and, of course,

boom, says the midnight
i wheeze through reflux remnants
and write the last poem.
 – 12/31/13

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