a haiku six-months

so i find, and i re-find, that i tend to write when i have a deadline (see Pulitzer Remixing and 31Plays31Daysing). so on January 1 of this fine year, i made a resolution to write  [at least] a haiku a day. as this was not the first such new year’s resolution about writing, i also decided to keep my damn mouth [mostly] shut about it at the time, as resolutions for me tend to last as long as a bag of peanut butter m&m’s (3.7 minutes (i’m not a monster)). so instead of having to own up to failing on another resolution, i chose to just try to do it.

so let’s jinx that.

seeing as we’re halfway through this year and the resolution appears to have stuck, and as i have written jack q. nothing here lately, it’s time to open my damn mouth. so, in the spirit of making my blog not appear dead, and in the spirit of really putting the continued adherence to my resolution to the test, i offer a handful of them here. these are haiku in the 5-7-5 syllables form only; any other resemblance to actual haiku is purely coincidental.

sheet music, headphones
a thin, tinny Beethoven
cold sparse midi Ninth
– 1/1/13

focused on my feet
on the forward glide through snow
i don’t see the branch
– 2/10/13

if no one sees it
is it art? he writes. the tree
falls in the forest.
– 3/4/13

you almost see him
(if you pull back all the words)
looking out over.
– 4/28/13

i’m the kid at 12
flipping off carloads of wrong
but 37.
– 5/13/13

almost an hour
to shave down to a mustache.
don’t know who he is.
– 6/16/13

i didn’t mean them to be, but the haiku have become a chronicle of this year. each one a little mini-journal entry, with exceptions for Doctor Who haiku, or desperation haiku like this little gem:

one two three four five
one two three four five six sev-
en. one two three four

it’s quite an experience looking over the year so far. it’s been a silly, mean, fun, door-opening, lovely, et cetera-y six months. and still six months to go.
the end.
blog lives.
Ewoks sing.
fade out.

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3 Responses to a haiku six-months

  1. I love these, especially the first one! A pleasant surprise to find “midi” in a poem.

  2. Tom Beaman says:

    A couple of favorites. I particularly like how, when one writes daily, the experience becomes a chronological one. The only difference between it and a blog is the electron. And perhaps the chance it be read before death.

    A great idea, neph.

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