Recapping the Remix

so, that happened.

i had intended to post throughout my Pulitzer Remix run, but the needs of the Remix outweighed the needs of the blog. well, that, and a seemingly never-ending ant problem (we’re a no-kill household), a cat who needed some attention, and the fact that life didn’t seem to stop while i was busy writing poetry (weird).

so i thought i’d take a moment and highlight some pieces just in case for some reason your life didn’t stop to read all of my poems. the website will be open for public consumption only one more week – so get in there while the getting’s good/possible. UPDATE: the website is no longer live, but a collection of my remixed poems will be released on March 15, 2014.

as a bookend to Hell (mentioned in an earlier blog post), i wrote Heaven, which was created from a page selected by my mother, overlaid on a picture taken by my grandmother, which, if not covered by a poem, is of my grandfather. the video below captures my cut-out process in creating it:

when i first planned on being involved in this project, i never considered the ways that one could highlight the text of the poem. i originally would have been very content just to have a handy Sharpie by my side for the month. however, a little internet research blew this world open for me and over various days of this project, i found reason to paint, gaff-tape, and cross-stitch.Scan_set

inspired by a video fellow remixer Winston Plowes included with one of his poems, i created a video version of my favoritely-titled poem “I am the Maker of all sweetened possum,” which is actually the first poem i saw in the book. and from the moment i saw it, i knew i had to use it. i think you may see why.

i participated in a bit of choreography earlier in the month – about which more may be forthcoming. it inspired this piece, which is both called “the dance steps”, and includes…well, dance steps (no pigeons were harmed, nor should they be, should you choose to dance this particular dance).


and lastly, my final poem, from a page selected by my brother, with sound by said brother and video shot by Frankie, which also served as a handy farewell to the project.

it was a challenging and rewarding month. i really appreciated the commitment to write and post a poem a day, even if some poems were posted in the wee hours, edited through bleary eyes. i still am surprised by some of the things found in the text, and some of the things that ended up as poems in spite of what else i found. i occasionally wished that i’d entered the month with a clear formatting overview, as certain poems near the end may have been drowned out by their visuals as the search for something new to do to a found poem may have overwhelmed what the poem needed. but i look back on those poems, and the amazing work of the other remixers (over 2,500 new poems!) and the great (and friendly, and open, and giving) poets i’ve met as a result, and i’m so happy to have been a part of it.

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