the first eleven days

so today is the eleventh day of the Pulitzer Remix project, which i posted about prior to April, National Poetry Month, and a month that has so far been filled with scanning the pages of Scarlet Sister Mary for phrases and words that might make up poems, and then sharpie-ing, or exacto-knifing, or painting them out. i can’t look at a page without thinking of a way to slice it. poor book never stood a chance.*the tools

i was recently featured in an interview on Vermont Public Radio talking about the project. it was a great conversation (with the one and only Jane Lindholm) and i hope that comes through over the nerves i was feeling. (updatification: you can listen to it here).

my remixes can be found here. if you don’t know where to start, here’s a little sample platter:

i’ve posted a couple of cut pieces, which overlay the sliced up page over an earlier draft of a given poem. this was an accidental discovery. fellow poet David Krilivsky looked at the scan of a sliced up page and couldn’t tell it was cut. i thought i needed something behind it to show that it was not just “whited” out. adding the pencil draft gave the poem a whole new depth – in a couple of ways. here’s the latest slice: a pack of ache.

for eightytwoi used a method i learned from a Fluxus performance i was a part of, where the words of a speech are alphabetized. i cheated a little, but only a little…

and of course, i’ve gone “traditional” erasure, with just me, Scarlet Sister Mary and a Sharpie, as in this piece: Hell. (okay, i tinted the page too).

there are a lot of great poets posting intriguing, thought-provoking and sometimes funny pieces this month, and i encourage you to browse around. you won’t be disappointed.

*no books have been harmed in this process. 

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