waiting… (the haikus)

yesterday, i went to a meeting, but was the only person there. so i sat.
and sat.

then i decided to write haikus until someone showed. i wrote seven before i gave up. here they are:

the click of the clock
a sticky reminder slows.
i feel every tick.

how long do you think
as i sit in this room still
has she forgotten

with a drunk sailor,
i’d go to the library
scan the fiction shelves

room not yet unpacked
waiting for something, some sign
that says “stay” – “you’re home”

at a certain point,
it’s less the words i can write
and more the time passed

to be fair, i guess
i write rapidly, and these
are merely trifles

i hear voices but
not like that. they’re real, i know.
i can see them all.

the meeting is re-scheduled.

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