The Last Five Minutes of Intermission from Backstage

they get stupid
don’t make me say it
hello. hi. right.
we’re waiting. go away go away
French military/it just sorta goes to my wrist
i can’t, no (when i’m) have you tried
5 minutes
have fun
come back down
i love it/it’s too long
4 4
i don’t care um okay,
i was the angry teenager
be ready/okay. so, so
i’m going to go
that’s a whole other story
i do not know
i’ll check with the boys
the concept – didn’t understand that
obviously i was wrong
(thank you)
there had been words
i’ll slide over
get on that/you missed that
there’s no, i
(a room of one’s own)
it’s true, i
this is not a movie
places, places
places/thank you

it’s quieter now, more urgently
footstepped across the floor
a door opened
a belt grabbed, buckle swinging
a cracker, hastily hummused
and the door     closed

it’s/thank you

they begin again

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