the last update – 31 plays/31 days

my last update left off at play #13, and with 11 days to go. here is a summary of the 18 plays that made up the last 11 days of the 31Plays31Days challenge, and the dates they were completed:

#14 – Spoken For – a man on the street asks questions of a woman waiting for her partner, a piece taken from a slice of life here in Burlington. 8/20

#15 – The Real Madness – a man at a table on the sidewalk is startled by a sneeze, and takes nothing for granted. 8/23

#16 – Oriented – all stage directions, all the time. inspired by a nagging desire to try it, and a prompt from the good folks at 31plays31days. you can read it here. 8/23

#17 – An Offer: The Musical – i started to consider writing in a version of genres. this is a silly little number, mostly an excuse for silly songs. 8/24

#18 – Signature Not Required – a mysterious box pushes two brothers to confront some long lost…something. 8/26

#19 – Title of Play – this was a monster. started off well-intentioned enough, stage directions to be performed out loud. then, it became a sort of “what if Godot did come.” a writing exercise probably too many people have tried. my attempt is…well, one of 31 plays. 8/27

#20 – A Dark Night – genre pt. 2 – a twisty little noir with a female private investigator. i got the chance to write “just because i’m a dick doesn’t make me a dick.” 8/29

#21 – Tie Dye Hurricane – based on a dance Frankie and Ronnie made up when Mark and Ronnie visited. i wanted to write a piece about two of the nicest people i know. (ill-timed with Hurricane Isaac) 8/29

Frances and Ronnie are a tie-dye hurricane

#22 – Not Yet – an attempt at expressing loss of a dear friend that felt cheap in the moment, but the morning after showed there may be hope for it. 8/29

#23 – Blind Ambition – on 8/8 i wrote a couple of fragments. this one and #24 were both products of those. in this one, a video chat leads to a man’s eyes popping out of his head. hilarity ensues. if i were to stage it, i’d want Tom Moorman in the room. 8/30

#24 – The Countdown Before the Final Countdown – the second fragment piece. a ridiculous little number about defusing a bomb. it is a short play. that is all. 8/30

#25 – Down to Business – one of the longer gestating projects – a business meeting between puppets, with occasional interruptions from real people. 8/30

#26 – An Empty Chair – knowing i had five more plays to write, staring at the screen last night, i turn on the Republican Convention, and there is….a man talking to a chair. that’s the first thing of value Republicans have given to me in a number of years. 8/30

#27 – The Moment Between – arty farty little poetic number that turned more concrete than i would have liked. oh well. 8/31

#28 – The Profanity Prayer – decided to write as much profanity as i could. i won. and then it took a turn i quite like. 8/31

#29 – Fingertips – a play about almost making it to a goal and then giving up. and employing the language of Just Say No to everyday situations. 8/31

#30 – Smoke & Mirror – a magician convinces an audience that their vision of the world actually exists. 8/31

#31 – One – since #1 was a meta piece called 31, what could i do? a meta piece about working on a final piece of a show, written for some very specific people. 8/31

maybe tomorrow i’ll write some more thoughts about this whole process. for now, i turn the writing brain off. congrats to the other participants and completionists in the challenge – those are some damn fine people!

this isn’t the last you’ve heard of these pieces… thanks for your interest, peeps.

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