falling behind

so it comes to August 22, and i am woefully behind. i have some faith that my usual last minuteness will kick in and that i will in fact reach 31 plays by the end of the month. oh yes. i will. but for now… well…

my biggest problem is not following my own advice:
“just say yes,” i tell myself.
“there is no wrong answer,” i tell myself.
“deny nothing,” i tell myself.

yeah. great advice. now i just have to start listening to it. before the 31st. in ten days. gulp.

here’s my weekly update:

#9 – Monument – a moment of disintegration in Monument Valley, inspired by Wim Wender’s photo of Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini. (this one, actually)

#10 – Three Corners – an undercover operation meets modern dance. because why wouldn’t it?
#11 – Ask the Turtle – a sales seminar with PowerPoint presentation devolves into a pit of the speaker’s despair.
#12 – The Invention of The Chair – prompt from my first ever (very small) writer’s group: sawdust. about the invention of a particular chair, construction and destruction. and beer.
#13 – The Blue Moth – based on an idea from my friend Ami Karnosh, in which a secretary at an office takes appointments for a superhero. which you can read here.

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