week 2 of 31 plays, 31 days…

here’s my weekly update on 31 Plays in 31 Days –
#5 – Hum – about securing the best view, no matter the collateral damage.
#6 – Wilderness Survival – about the collateral damage.
#7 – A Whole New Omelet – inspired by the post ‘Stop Writing Good Plays This Month.’ i took this advice to heart and wrote a short, but somehow sprawling piece that goes from a viral video of Mitt Romney to the first baby step of an alien invasion. and at no point is it good. mission accomplished.
#8 – Rooftop – in which a trio of flying monkeys is on a new case. inspired by this –  thank you, Vermont. in fact, for your reading pleasure(?), Rooftop.

Female winged monkey with babies

photo from The Flying Monkeys of Burlington, Vermont website: http://www.monkeyswithwings.com/index.html

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