Robin Hood #6. Mos Def

one of my other inspirations for Robin Hood was this quote from Mos Def’s ‘Life in Marvelous Times’ (off The Ecstatic, which is pretty much fantastic)…

basic survival requires super heroics
no space in the budget for a cape
soon you gotta fly by night to save the day
crash landings routinely happen…

the inability to even purchase a cape gave me an idea for a piece about the disguises in the play. i’m a big fan of people dressing up as someone else to get things done (i call it “my day job”). i also like that these lines are followed shortly thereafter by “and we are alive in amazing times.” i like the idea that even the not-so-best of times, life can still be amazing and inspiring.

i put that quote on the title page of my adaptation.
i’m told it’s the only Robin Hood adaptation that is preceded by a Mos Def quote.
so there’s that.

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