Robin Hood #5. Pencil Pushing

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16 may 2010.

this is the first page of my first draft of Robin Hood, which was written by hand and in pencil, and (mostly) at Muddy Waters, a coffeehouse in downtown Burlington, Vermont. i realize writing one’s play at a coffeehouse must surely be one of the most hoary of writerly clichés, but i can’t lie to you, can i?

when i write first drafts, i try to just let the words come, and not pre-judge. i adhere to David Mamet’s advice for actors: Invent Nothing, Deny Nothing (articulated in his wonderful/maddening book, True and False). while i can’t say that the characters tell me what’s going on, i do just try to write and see where the story takes me. which is why, as i alluded to in the last post, an archery contest does occur in my Robin Hood. the story just lead me there. an archery contest was really the only answer, and i did not want to deny it.

when i finish this penciled version on June 17, 2010, it will contain most of the framework of what the script will eventually become.

when i finish reading this penciled version, it will become clear that i completely (and quite by accident) left Friar Tuck out of Robin’s Merry Band…. this will need to be remedied.

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