Robin Hood #2. Am I In or Am I Out?

2 april 2010.

so, i had been reading and viewing a lot of Robin Hoods. the first thing that i really liked about Robin was that most of his Merry Band had bested him in some way or another. he wasn’t the best swordsmen, he wasn’t the smartest of the lot, he was the best archer, but beyond that, he wasn’t the Master at all things.

so what was it that made a Merry Band of people want to follow him? many versions of Robin have a lot of charisma and heart. he is a great people person, with great wit, a playful nature, and a very sincere approach. he sees what’s wrong; he makes it right. an oft-repeated snippet is that Robin invites travelers to dine with he and the Merry Band before he robs them. i thought that was quite gentlemanly of him, all things considered.

about this time, i watched Ocean’s Eleven again: the Steven Soderbergh directed, GeorgeClooneyBradPittDonCheadleMattDamon movie that’s so entertaining to me. (i mean, i know this blog is about Robin Hood, but can we just take a minute to say how fun it is?) and then it hit: Danny Ocean? not that amazing at things. he’s got a guy who does explosives, a guy (or more) who does disguises, a guy who foots the bill, etc etc. what he does have though: charisma. he’s a people person. then i thought of this:

know what i mean?

it's not a 1 to 1 fit, but it was interesting...

Ocean’s Eleven as Robin’s Merry Band. more or less. not that Danny Ocean = Robin (but maybe). or Rusty = Will Scarlet (no, i can kinda see that too). my point is that each of them has their own skill that they bring to the table. and there would be a heist-like sequence that brings it all together at the end. that night, i jotted down some notes on a potential plot, with the closest thing i could think of for a heist in the 13th century. for the most part, that’s been the plot i’ve worked with since April.

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