Robin Hood #1. a legend begins…(or something)

23 february 2010.

you don't get the full mullet effect of him here, but wow is it a good one!

beginning can sometimes be the hardest part. when i was offered a chance to write Robin Hood, i hesitated neither long nor hard. i have wanted to write for Sarah Jane Hardy (Artistic Director of the Northwest Children’s Theater and School, and director of this production) for a very long time, it was only after i said yes that i realized how little i knew of Robin Hood.

the version of Robin Hood with which i was most familiar was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, or, as some people know it, the Kevin Costner one.

not (m)any consider it the perfect Robin Hood by any stretch. for me, it was memorable mostly for Alan Rickman’s delicious Sheriff of Nottingham, and Christian Slater’s exclamation when Robin “clears” the castle wall. well, and that wonderful Bryan Adams song, naturally.

what i found after a brief internet search was that Robin Hood, unlike say a Sherlock Holmes or a James Bond, doesn’t have a single primary author with The Definitive Version. nope, the centuries old hero has appeared in works too numerous to count and/or find. i had my work cut out for me.

the first question was obviously how i could fit that waterfall scene into my adaptation?

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